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How to assigned static IP to machine using DHCP server on Summit X430-24t switch?

Hello Commumnity,

I have configured DHCP server on Summit X430-24t switch. I want to allocate a dedicated IPs to some servers using DHCP-binding. After going through documentation, I found command "configure ip-security dhcp-binding add ip ip_address mac mac_address {vlan} vlan_name server-port server_port client-port client_port lease-time seconds".

I don't know what is server_port and client_port. There are not much details about it in documentation.

Can anyone please me, how to assign static IPs to the servers using switch DHCP server?

Warm Regards,

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The dhcp server on EXOS is basic and does not give the possibility to hand out 'static' IP addresses to fixed clients. ip-security is not meant for handing out dhcp, it is a security feature.
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"This commands allows you to add a DHCP binding in order to re-create the bindings after reboot and to allow IP Security features to work with clients having static IP addresses."

As already said by Oscar, this is part of IP-Security feature and not to be used to assign static IP do any devices.
Thanks Oscark and Henrique for your help.