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How to change port alias / display-string in OneView

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I have a client that wants to change the alias / display-string for a sinble port from OneView. He was used to Console and is asking me how to change this.

I have been trying, but with no luck. So I ask for help.


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This article should help.
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Thanks for that!!!

I have been looking for that article for hours.

Just a pitty we can not use the same interface to change VLAN's on a port, speed, duplex ......
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I was just doing some testing, and I realize that I can apply the change, but the switch (CLI) shows a configuration modification is pending to save. So the question is: When I do this change, I need to go to the switch afterwards and save the config?
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Hi Jordi

You try to create one script on OneView and send it to the switch to change the configuration of switch.

There is one article which you reference for creating the script on OneView

Best regards