How to config MPLS (isis,ospf,bgp) connect to Cisco

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Ex. Config Cisco have

•isis authentication mode md5

• isis authentication key-chain test

How to config switch Extreme connect key-chain ?

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Whats the switch model number And exos version you are using I need yo check Based on that
Model Number :17103 Summit X670-48x-FB
MPLS Number :17133 Summit X670 MPLS Feature Pack 1
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md5 authentication for ISIS is not supported on EXOS.

The topic name is "How to config MPLS". For that, the User Guide should be a good resource to see all the various features we are supporting and the one you need in your specific case:

In general, think of an interface as a vlan with one port.
If you using IS-IS for MPLS, EXOS is not supported for md5 authentication but you could change configuration on cisco by using clear-text in key-chain instead md5.
for example, I assume you use "no switchport" in cisco for L3
cisco(config)#key chain xxx
cisco(config-keychain)#key [number]
cisco(config-keychain-key)#key-string [text] <<< in these key-string you couldn't use mode 7 for hidden password.

After you setting key chain, you could enable isis authentication in yours interface by,
cisco(config)#interface XX0/x
cisco(config-int)isis authentication mode text
cisco(config-int)isis authentication key-chain xxx
---Done for Cisco---

from now, you go to EXOS and config IS-IS by,
X670#config isis vlan <vlan_name> password simple <same text as cisco key-string> level-1 ---Done for EXOS---

Let's try and report, pls.