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How to configure IP-phone servival with 802.1x

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jul 13 2012 3:03AM

Hi,I have an extreme switch summit 450 with summitX- it, I have configured 802.1x with radius and authentication on mac.An IP-phone (Cisco or Avaya) is connect to switch and authenticated with mac.When the IP-phone is authenticated, it is on a vlan voice (name: Voce vid: 150).This vlan is tagged on the port.I need that if radius is unavailable, the switch put IP-phone on vlan voice without the mac-address of IP-phone not to be memorized on switch on the local database.This is my configuration, but doesn’️t work.# Module vlan configuration.create vlan "Voce"configure vlan Voce tag 150configure vlan Voce add ports 43 tagged create vlan "Logging"configure vlan Logging tag 88enable ipforwarding vlan Daticonfigure vlan Voce ipaddress 10.x.x.x Module lldp configuration.enable lldp ports 43configure lldp port 43 advertise port-descriptionconfigure lldp port 43 advertise system-nameconfigure lldp port 43 advertise system-capabilitiesconfigure lldp port 43 advertise management-addressconfigure lldp port 43 advertise vendor-specific dot1 port-vlan-idconfigure lldp port 43 advertise vendor-specific dot3 mac-phyconfigure lldp port 43 advertise vendor-specific med capabilitiesconfigure lldp port 43 advertise vendor-specific med power-via-mdiconfigure lldp port 43 advertise vendor-specific med policy application voice vlan Voce dscp 46# Module netLogin configuration.configure netlogin move-fail-action authenticateconfigure netlogin vlan Loggingenable netlogin dot1x mac configure netlogin agingtime 1enable netlogin ports 43 dot1x enable netlogin ports 43 mac configure netlogin ports 43 mode mac-based-vlansconfigure netlogin ports 43 no-restartconfigure netlogin add mac-list ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 48 ports 43configure netlogin mac timers reauth-period 30enable netlogin authentication service-unavailable vlan ports 43disable netlogin logout-privilegedisable netlogin session-refreshdisable netlogin redirect-pageconfigure netlogin authentication service-unavailable vlan Voce ports 43I have searched on internet and could not find solution.thank you (from Amilcare_Tiberti)

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