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How to configure VLAN on extreme summit X450

Hai friends, i want to configure VLAN on extreme switch what is the exact command to configure it model no is summit X450

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You should just follow EXOS documentation. Basically you create vlan and add ports to that vlan either tagged or untagged;

create vlan test
configure vlan test tag 10
configure vlan test add ports 1-12 untagged
configure vlan test add ports 24 tagged
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Welcome to The Hub, Vignesh!
I would also recommend that you have a look at the EXOS Quick Guide. It covers a lot of the basics.
In addition, GTAC Knowledge is great for these types of questions.
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Don't forget to remove the vlan off of the port before you add. Gets me almost everytime 🙂.
Usually port is in Default
Configure vlan default delete ports
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Good call out Brian for those new to EXOS.

Vignesh, the idea behind the Default VLAN was that you didn't need to configure a VLAN in EXOS to use the switch. All ports are in the VLAN Default, thus if you were looking for quick Layer-2 solution...away you go. Didn't need to configure a VLAN.

So, as Brian rightly calls out, if your first step is to build a VLAN you first have to remove the port from VLAN default. A quick example from GTAC Knowledge:

As Drew says....welcome to the Hub Community. Glad you joined us.