How to debug an OSPF adjacency problem?

I have a Summit 670V switch with a /30 uplink to a Cisco router. OSPF is configured but a neighbor adjacency is not being formed. I am using MD5 authentication with a key on both sides of the link.

I'm familiar with using Cisco's debug commands but not Extreme's. On a Cisco device I would turn on 'debug ip ospf adjacency'. If I was limited to troubleshooting this OSPF adjacency problem on the Summit switch, would I be able to use similar debugging tools to do that?

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Hey Jim There is a debug for OSPF however I would recommend contacting TAC to have them help you get the info and look at it. Depending on the Debug command the CPU can spike high. P
Hi Paul -

After enabling 'enable log debug-mode' I see only one debug OSPF command, which only displays license information:

* VoIP-MDF-Extreme_V670.2 # debug ospf ?
show Show
* VoIP-MDF-Extreme_V670.2 # debug ospf show ?
epm Display licence information from epm
* VoIP-MDF-Extreme_V670.2 # debug ospf show epm
Effective license: 2
Switch license: 2
Features: edgemode,
* VoIP-MDF-Extreme_V670.3 #

Is there another debug mode that one uses? Also, I have a Summit 670V in a lab so I don't care about CPU spikes at this point. I'd hate to have to contact TAC just to be able to do some simple debugging,
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configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events ospf.event severity debug-summaryconfigure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events ospf.neighbor severity debug-summary
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "ospf.hello.PktInv"
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "ospf.lsa.PktInv
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "ospf.lsa.LSUpdtPktInv"
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "ospf.lsa.DropLenInv"
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "ospf.lsa.CksumInv"

With the above log filters we can troubleshoot any kind of ospf issues.
If it is just Ospf Hello
configure log filter "DefaultFilter" add events "ospf.hello.PktInv"

And TCPdump will show Hello Sent and received.
TCPDUMP can be taken only from debug mode which needs debug password.
Extreme TAC can Help on this.
Thank you! - I'll give this a try.
Two last questions.

1. Once I configure the above log filter (or any other filter for that matter) do I view the log entries with 'sh log'?

2. Is there a way to have the log entries display in real-time on the console screen?

Thanks again.
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X440-24t.2 # enable log target
console Serial port console target
memory-buffer Internal memory target
nvram Non-volatile memory buffer target
session Current CLI session target
syslog Remote syslog target
upm Sending messages to UPM as events
xml-notification Sending messages to xml notification target(s) as events
Thanks! have a great day.