How to do a license upgrade from Edge to Core license in Summit X460-48T switches?

Hi experts,

I have a couple of switches Summit X460-48T, it was ordered for them the Core License. My doubt is if this Core Licence is already included in the equipments or if I have to download the license and perfoms the license upgrade in both equipments ( one time that the License Standard for the Summit X460-48T is the Edge License according with Extreme Documentation)

I case of to do the upgrade license, which information of the switches I need to download the Core License ?

And where Can I download this license ?

I hope had been clear .

Tks a lot

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Hi Rafael,

The Article below might help:

How to generate and enable an EXOS license key
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Hi Rafael,

You can confirm if a switch has a license by running the 'show license' command. To issue a license for the switches, we will need a voucher number (generated when purchasing the license) and the switch serial number. Henrique's article will guide you through the process.
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Hi Rafael,
Just to add by default 460 switch shipped along with "Advance Edge" license.

Reference link :