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how to enable ovsdb in default-vr

I am trying to test ovsdb - openstack l2 gateway integration on x770 with
I found ovsdb server just could be setted within VR-Mgmt and i cant find any command to change that. can you please show me how to change that VR for connections to VR default?
thank you very much

OPNFV-POD2-X770-1.20 # show ovsdb
OVSDB server
Enabled : : no
SSL certificate : missing
VR for connections : VR-Mgmt
Schemas enabled : hardware_vtep [control and data]

Configured connections : 0

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I would suggest you contact the GTAC for assistance.
Hello Martin,

I want to know if did you could clarify your question?, i´m testing the same in a X690 switches, and i have the same issue, the integration has to be in the VR-mgmt?


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I cannot test this, but from looking at the documentation it seems to me as if the VR for OVSDB connections cannot be specified, thus only VR-Mgmt, i.e. the management port, can be used.

Hi Erik,
Thanks for your reply, it seems is only possible by management port. I Will test and tell you how Works.