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How to Factory Reset x440-48p-10g after forgetting password

BootRom> config none doesnt work...

I don't have a fail safe account set up.

Is there any other option besides trying to mess with TFTP and get a new image onto the switch described here: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-Recover-A-Switch-And-Its-Configurat...

I just want to start over as quickly as possibly without having to try and set up a TFTP server and download an image.

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Hi Rory,

Unfortunately, if this switch is running one of the versions of bootrom where config none is not available, the quickest way to do this would be to set up a TFTP server and load a new image from the bootrom.

Hi Rory,

What leads you to believe that "config none" isn't working? I know there are bootrom options where this command doesn't work, but if the switch is still displaying the banner, despite using the "config none" option, all is not lost. The banner is stored in a seperate portion of the configuration due it needing to be loaded before EXOS is fully loaded. If you still see the banner, please try to use the admin/ login and see if that works. I've had customers in the past that assumed that it didn't work because they saw the banner.

Good luck!
Thank you both for the replies.

@Brad, upon initial boot, I see the message to hold space bar to get into BootRom, then ran the 'config none', I received some sort of error basically that the command doesn't exist. What is the banner you are referring to? The message at initial boot to press and hold space bar? admin/no password didn't work

@Brandon, I was afraid of this. Is there any recommended XOS version I should be downloading for this? We just received the switch last week and it came with 15.3.1b4 preinstalled. Looks like I have plenty of options to choose from. The newest from each version I see is, 15.7.4, 16.5.5, 21.1.1-patch1-5. None of which mean much to me.

The switch is going to be stacked eventually, but we're not doing anything fancy with it. Just an edge/IDF switch connecting back to our x670 cores and the MDF.

Thanks for the response. It appears that you are running one of the bootroms that does not have that as a possible solution.

The banner that I'm referring to is the configurable banner that displays before logging into the switch. Most customers use it to warn against unauthorized access, to identify the system, or other notifications.

I was able to get XOS 15.7.4 loaded and factory reset. The TFTP process was a bit easier than I recall if using a straight forward TFTP Server (TFTPD). Thank you both for your help.