How to remove one stacking Port X620 from stacking configuration

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I have a pair of X620 and due to an mistake port 15 and 16 are activated for stacking.

But Only Port 16 is connected.

How can i remove port 15 from stacking configuration without unconfigure the stack ?

The stack is active only over Port 16 (this is connected to port 16 of second member)

I don´t know why port 15 is activated too, perhaps booted the swicth with 2 links from both ports … 1/15 to 2/15 and 1/16 to 2/16


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Hi, Christian. Extreme strongly recommends that the two stack nodes be connected through both ports: connect 1/15 to 2/16 and 1/16 to 2/15.

This is to minimize the risk of a dual-master situation, in which both nodes attempt to function as the stack master. Put another way, you want to create a ring topology rather than a daisy-chain topology.

At any rate, the EXOS enable stacking-support and enable-stacking commands don't allow the possibility to configure only one port.

Hope that helps.

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks
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Thx for the awnser ... i did it as you recommended...