How to schedule commands on X430 ?

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I need periodically to disable PoE on some ports to reset CCTV cameras (eventually reboot the switch).
I was able to write python script, which disables inline-power and then re-enables inline-power on interesting ports. However, X430 series doesn't support UPM, so I cannot create upm profile and configure timer fot this profile.

Any other ideas for scheduling some cli commands on X430 series ?


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Per the v16.2.3.5-patch1-3 Release Notes:

Universal Port Management (UPM) on Summit X430 Series Switches
Support for Universal Port Management (UPM) is now extended to the Summit X430 series switches.
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Thanks you, Taykin !

I was using summitlite- image.
I'll check this functionality after update.
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Yes, UPM is working on new summitlite- image !
Thanks !