How to used Policy Based in Black Diamond?

Hi Guys,

My Extreme Switch is connected to Firewall and I have to different Vlans but both have same flow to the same destination. Actualy I have only one next-hop for VLAN1 but I need to add second next hop and send from source 1 next hop 1 source 2 next hop2. and I Must use static route. I it possible to do it with PBR?

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Hi Enima,
I think you can try with a policy with respective source ip addresses as match conditions.
edit policy flowpolicy.pol entry flow1 { if { source-address ; } then { redirect ; } }
entry flow2 { if { source-address ; } then { redirect ; } }

config access-list flowpolicy vlan [i] ingress [/code]
There are various match conditions (e.g. protocol or dscp) and redirect ways (e.g. port or port-list) you can apply in policy. Also you can apply this policy to VLAN or port.

Some options can be limitted upon switch model.
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Adding to what David already suggested.