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howto restart snmp service

snmp query fail.
How can I restart the snmpd without having to reboot / upgrade the switch. Would like not to disrupt the network users for this minor glitch.
Top still shows 3 ./snmpSubagent processes

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You can issue the following commands: Restart snmpmaster Restart snmpsubagent Use tab as I don't trust my memory to have the syntax perfect
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And I would add you should consider updating your firmware... Latest code (assuming you have a X150/250/350/450) would be 15.3.x. Many changes and improvements in SNMP and others.
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Here's an article from our knowledge base that should be helpful: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/How-do-I-restart-the-snmp-process-there-is-sn...