ICMP source IP address (traceroute etc)

  • 8 January 2014
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Create Date: Jul 2 2013 10:10AM


I'm sure a few have stumbled upon this. When you do a traceroute through extreme switches they will answer with the source of the egress interface. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if theres a way to change that, so that it'll anwser with the ingress address instead? Makes the traceroute output a lot easier to grasp.

I've read through the RFC 1812 and even though it's the correct behavior, still most (?, only tried with cisco) vendors answer with the ingress interface.

A simple lab to explain it:

4 routers in a ring. like so;


R1 R4


make the traffic go like this R1->R3->R4->R2-R1, create two loopbacks, one on R1 and one on R2. Do a traceroute from loopback on R1 to loopback on R2, "normally" you'd end up with something like this

ingress interface R3
ingress interface R4
ingress interface R2

whilst on extreme you'd end up with

egress interface R3
egress interface R4
destination IP

Thanks in advance,
Johan S.

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2 replies

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Create Date: Jul 5 2013 7:42PM

Hey Johan123

I do not believe there is anyway to change this.

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Jul 10 2013 1:46AM

Okay, thanks for the reply though.

(from johan123)