Info:pim.vsm.UnkIPNetAddr what does this actually means

  • 17 March 2015
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What does this alarm from the log actually tell me..

Searching the web :
This event occurs when an MLAG node receives a checkpoint message from the peer with ingress

VLAN IP address information that does not match any of the MLAG VLANs configured on the local



Ensure that MLAG VLANs are configured with correct IP addresses and mask length on MLAG

peer nodes. If the IP addresses do not match for MLAG VLANs then PIM may not function as


Though personally I do not agree with the MLAG configuration issue as this has been working and not changed for months..

3 replies

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Rod, How often is this message showing up in the log?
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Also, are you seeing this message on a switch where MLAG is configured?
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I would like to see the entire logs Also what exos version are you running latest patch for mlag . Many customer run this exos with no issues.