Installing a BD 8800 G48Tc module on a BD8810

Dear all,

just to confirm. We need to increase the capacity of a live BD8810 with a new BD 8800 G48Tc module. This task is a cold one iwth no service impact right? i mean, there's no need to perform any cli action on the switch to activate the new card expect for the show slot verification one ¿?

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i meant hot activity.....;-) non service disruption
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You are correct, there is no service impacts to adding a card to an exiting 8810. What version of code are you running and what are the MSM's? Just install the blade and wait for it to boot and then do a "show slot" -

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Very import bit of info... you also need to check what type of cards you are running and if you are running 8900 cards and 128 MSM's adding a C card well affect performance for the whole switch. It will be lowered to the C card specs...
Thansk for the feedback.

release is:

no 8900 cards i believe. MSM-48c
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G48Tc is compatible with MSM-48c.These cards will run on the BlackDiamond 8800 as long as the EXOS version is supported on the card and each card is running the same EXOS version.
You can refer to the GTAC article: Which version of EXOS is supported on my hardware?
Component support section will show you the minimum and last supported EXOS software version.
Thanks for it