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inter vlan issue

in core switch,i configured intervlan,intervlan is not working.
configured 2 vlans in core switch-data and voice and enable the ipforwarding also.
not working the intervlan.

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I tried this way,still not solved this 8ssue

Ed Uhler wrote:

Download this.jpg image to get more detail. This is just an example on how to setup the three independent switches. I'm showing that the L2 VLAN's (DATA and VOICE) are extended across all three switches, but only Switch-2 is doing the Inter-VLAN routing for the two subnets.
Ed Uhler wrote:

I realized that I had missed adding port 23 to Switch-2 to make this work.
Please disregard the first illustration... the second illustration is updated and corrected.

Ed Uhler wrote:

Ranjith -- I realized that I forgot to add port 23 to Switch-2 configuration, so please disregard the first illsutration.... I've correct and added this second illustration.

Ed Uhler wrote:

Ranjith... If you want to create a L3 routed network, then here's a RIP network example that you can try.

Ed Uhler wrote:

I have 2 core switch,both switch network is different i configued intervlan also.still it is not communicating.what is the issue.please help

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It would help to see:
- all vlans on all switches
- routing tables from all switches

Is there any reason to run rip?
both switch vlan ID is differenent also a Network Also.
what is the solution for solve this issue