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I am fairly new to Extreme and Exos. I was wondering how I would poll an IP address from an Extreme switch and remove a static route from the routing table should that poll fail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You might consider looking into iproute ping protection, a feature introduced in 16.2. The description is in the 16.2.2 release notes.

Here are the commands.
configure iproute add [default | ipv4_or_ipv6_network ] gateway

{protection [bfd | ping |none ]}

configure iproute {ipv4 | ipv6 } protection ping interval seconds miss


enable iproute {ipv4 | ipv6 } protection ping

disable iproute {ipv4 | ipv6 } protection ping

show iproute {ipv4 | ipv6 } protection ping {v4_or_v6_gateway } {vr vr_name }

{detail }
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Except it’s broken on the x690’s running 22.3. Gtac said it should be fixed in 22.5, around April. Was in a situation this evening where this would have worked wonders. Need to use this to switch to a backup connection to another site if the primary fails. Tried OSPF on the primary link , and static on the backup... but the backup always took precidence because of being a static route. Sure you could change the ospf precidence, but it requires a switch reboot, and it applies to all routes when I just want to apply it to two routes. In the end I had to hand off to a cisco 3750 switch doing IP sLA. Not optimal, but without OSPF on the providers backup router, can’t cost it out between that link and a point to point wireless (primary) link.
Hi guys,

Does this protection ping only work for next hop? Is there a way to ping for example through one route, and if that fails go to the next one down?

Thanks in advanced

We are not using ping protection anymore. We are using OSPF and how do I remove it from the config file?

sh configuration | i iproute
configure iproute ipv4 protection ping interval 30 miss 3

If I do disable iproute ipv4 protection ping then sh configuration | i iproute, it shows that line and the interval line. How do I clean this up from the config?
sh configuration | i iproute
disable iproute ipv4 protection ping
configure iproute ipv4 protection ping interval 30 miss 3