IPMC Warning on Stack Slot 1 in specific VLAN


after I upgraded our whole Network Extreme components from 12.5.x to, I got the following IPMC Warning in the log and I don't know how to handle it:

"Date" "Time" Slot-1: Warning: received IGMPv1 query on vlan "VLAN_NAME" configured for IGMPv2 from "IP Address"
"Date" "Time" Slot-1: Previous message repeated 44 additional times in the last 7454 second(s)[/code]The strange thing is, that this message appears only on two Stacks in the DataCenter.

Anybody had/has the same problem and can help me to resolve/fix this message?


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Do wireshark capture and see from which source switch is receiving igmp v1 query. Turn it off . This message is just a warning included in 15.x we can also turn off warnings ... Log filter events exclude...
i just repalced the original IP Adress, the IP is from the main core... So i can easily turn off the igmpv2 (sorry was a typing error) on the main core or is it better to exclude the Log entry?
Did this ever get resolved? I am having similar issues.
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Nick Stevermer wrote:

Did this ever get resolved? I am having similar issues.

Hi Nick, this error simply means that you have an IGMP mismatch between the sender of the IGMP packet (server/client) and the receiver (Switch). The versions must be compatible, or the switch must run a higher version than the client. So if the client is sending out IGMPv2, you can switch the Switch to either IGMPv2 or IGMPv3