IPTv vlan disconnecting to the iptv server.

good day sir,
i have issue with my iptv vlan. In my network i have vlan cctv,wifi,voice,iptv, and default. i enable ip forwarding and ipmcforwading in iptv vlan but video streaming last only for 5 mins or less and its is disconnected to the iptv server.

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do you see the IPTV stream in the output of "show igmp snooping cache" on the switch while the streaming works, but not after it stops working? If so, you might need to add an IGMP querier to the network.

You can take a look at the following GTAC Knowledge articles:
hi erick,

i saw the igmp cache. do i need to disable the ipforwarding and ipmcforwarding? And in above rooms some are only 2 channels showing.
thanks mr erick. i solve the issue..
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Hi Jun,

out of curiosity, how did you solve the problem?

From server to idf make all vlan as default, no other configuration. Then in room switch remove all igmp snooping in all vlan except iptv vlan. And set igmp snooping filters to per -vlan.