Is FA standalone proxy available on EXOS

  • 5 February 2019
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I'm having a customer that will start implementing EXOS driven switches connected to a VSP FC network. Connection of the switches will be using FA. The problem is that at some sites he's forced o connect the EXOS switches locally so not to the SPB core network.

As you can't daisy-chain FA-proxy switches I'm looking into using FA-standalone proxy. I know this is supported in the ERS product line but I need it on the EXOS switches. Is there already support for FA-standalone proxy in EXOS or when will it become available ?

If this is available already, are there any config examples available which I can use as a guideline ??

1 reply

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Hi Paul,

Please have a look at the latest release notes for EXOS 30.1:
It's there, just in time. ;)

Kind regards,