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is ipforwarding must have for bootprelay

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we have working with x-350 and L2edge licence level. if I understand all correct, then we dont have ipforwarding...

Is possible bootpreplay without ipforwarding?

secondary - and if no, then why ipforwarding is cut out, but bootprelay are still in cli? is there any other functionality?

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Hello Modris,

Bootprelay does rely on routing to reach the server. I am not sure why the command is available in the CLI.

Considering this is a L2 switch I would assume that the traffic would be forwarded to a L3 capable switch or a router if the device needs to send information out of its subnet. It would be this device where bootprelay or a bootprelay equivalent would need to be configured (Ie Iphelper for Cisco).

Hope this helps!