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Is there a command to check the incoming DSCP value entering the switch?

Any command to check the incoming DSCP value entering the switch in ExtremeXOS version

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There is no command to do that. I would suggest to enable diffserv examinition, configure every codepoint to match the right QP (qosprofile) and see which qosprofiles are hit using 'show qosprofile '.
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i also suggest using wireshark (free) and set a basic filter such as
ip.addr == (ipaddress of the pc reviewing)
maybe set up a port mirror to capture the packets for review
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There is no CLI to check the incoming DSCP value.

The best way is to mirror ingressing packets and analyze them through the wireshark.

Articles about mirroring:



You can check if the packets are egressing in the correct queue with the command below:

show ports qosmonitor

Article about QoS: