Is vr type vpn-vrf supported in EXOS VMs?

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Hi, I'm trying to test the L3VPN in my lab with EXOS VMs, but when I try to create a vr type vpn-vrf, this option is not present this feature unsopported in the virtual EXOS? Thanks

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it's supported, but you need MPLS feature I believe. I'd recommend you to enable the trial license.
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Hi Grosjean, I've already enabled the trial license and made other labs with MPLS feature enabled, but for L3VPN, when you try to define a new VR of type VPN-VRF, this options is not present in the virtual EXOS, but is possible to define only the type VRF.....
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It works, I'm using that a lot.

* sw1.2 # sh switch

SysName: sw1
SysContact:, +1 888 257 3000
System MAC: 08:00:27:35:2A:E4
System Type: EXOS-VM

SysHealth check: Enabled
Recovery Mode: All
System Watchdog: Enabled

Current Time: Fri Jul 8 12:29:30 2016
Timezone: [Auto DST Disabled] GMT Offset: 0 minutes, name is UTC.
Boot Time: Fri Jul 8 12:26:51 2016
Boot Count: 0
Next Reboot: None scheduled
System UpTime: 2 minutes 39 seconds

Current State: OPERATIONAL
Image Selected: primary
Image Booted: primary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:

Config Selected: primary.cfg
Config Booted: primary.cfg

primary.cfg Created by ExtremeXOS version
182360 bytes saved on Mon Jun 6 12:31:56 2016

* sw1.3 #
* sw1.3 #
* sw1.3 # create vr vpn-a
Execute the command
type Type of router
* sw1.3 # create vr vpn-a type
vpn-vrf VPN Routing and Forwarding
vrf Virtual Routing and Forwarding
* sw1.3 # create vr vpn-a type vpn-vrf
Execute the command
vr Virtual router
Parent virtual router name
"VR-Default" "VR-Mgmt"
* sw1.3 # create vr vpn-a type vpn-vrf
* sw1.4 # sh vr
vr Virtual router
vrrp Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
Virtual router name
"VR-Default" "VR-Mgmt"
* sw1.4 # sh vr
Virtual Number of Number of Flags
Router VLANs Ports
VR-Control 0 0 --------S46
VR-Default 7 4 boprimORS46
vpn-a 0 0 --------N46
VR-Mgmt 1 0 --------S46
Flags : Virtual Router Type
(S) System, (U) User, (F) Non-VPN VRF, (N) VPN VRF
: Virtual Router Admin State
(-) Disabled (4) IPv4 Enabled, (6) IPv6 Enabled
: Routing protocols configured on the virtual router
(b) BGP, (i) ISIS, (m) MPLS, (o) OSPF, (p) PIM, (r) RIP,
(O) OSPFv3, (R) R.png
System Totals :
Total VRs : 4 Max VRs : 66
Total User VRs : 0 Max User VRs : 7
Total Non-VPN VRFs : 0 Max VRFs : 56
Total VPN VRFs : 1
Total System VRs : 3
Total Router Interfaces : 7
Total Protocols : 8 Max Protocols : 64
Total IPv4 VLANs : 7 Total IPv6 VLANs : 0
Active IPv4 VLANs : 7 Active IPv6 VLANs : 0
Inactive IPv4 VLANs : 0 Inactive IPv6 VLANs : 0
* sw1.5 # [/code]
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Hi Grosjean, I confirm you that works also on my my previous tests probally there were a problem with my configuration script that has not enabled the trial license on the VMs before to run the command ...
Thanks for your confirm.