Issue with Extreme Switch: Loading EXOS Image ... Running Image. . Error: unknown board type 0x0047******* cpu_0 received a bus/cache error

Dear Team,
I am from Ericsson.
I need your help very urgently. I can't go through TAC.

I have a Extreme stack. One switch in that stack got down. When i reboot that i it not getting booted. It gives below error:

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Loading EXOS Image ...
Running Image ... Error: unknown board type 0x0047
cpu_0 received a bus/cache error

Below is the image details of the switch:
Image : ExtremeXOS version v1553b4-patch1-6 by release-manager
Slot-1 : 800322-00-09 1302N-40735 Rev 9.0 BootROM: IMG:
System Type: X460-48t

I need your guidance with the solution as i can't find good documents for EXOS.


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I can guess hardware issue or corrupted firmware. Image upgrade can be done from the bootrom = press the space during the boot time and you will get there. I am sure there is knowledgebase article about that. good luck
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Thank you!