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LACP active/backup

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Create Date: May 14 2013 11:22AM


I have a Summit X350-48T on my DC and i need to configure the LACP on mode active/backup.
Iam working 2 weeks on it and dont works, it are always balancing trought the pri/sec ports.

I need the flow just on primary and the secondary is a redundat link, secundary must be used only if primary lost LACP communication.
All connections bellow are Layer 2, i need to redundant the connection on summit 1 trought 2 others switches.
The cenario dont permit use of "configure port XX redundant XX link off".So, really need to be via LACP.

--------------- | CISCO 7018 with lacp |-----------------
| bkp -------------------------------- |
---------------------------- \
| Summit X350-48T 1 | >> NETWORK CLOUD
---------------------------- /
eth | active --------------------------- |
------------------|Summit X350-48T 2 |----------------------

Thanks in advanced. (from Pedro Azzi)

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