LACP between Enterasys S-Series and Extreme SummitX XOS16.1

Hey Guys,

need a little bit assistance for a LACP (2 sfp+ ports) between the Enterasys S Series and a Extreme SummitX X670G2-48x-4q .

Found some example for Extreme:

enable sharing 10 grouping 10-12 lacp
configure sharing 10 lacp system-priority 3
configure sharing 10 add port 5

The Enterasys Side is no problem, but is that realy all what i have to do?
Admin Key? e.t.c?



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No ... it is simpler than that.. On the XOS side it is just one line...

enable sharing grouping lacp

So.. if you have port 1,2 on the xos side:

enable sharing 1 grouping 1,2 lacp

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Normally only the enable sharing command is enough to get lacp working.
To get proper distribution between the ports using a good load share algorithm is advised, preferably L3_L4. See this document.
Wow, thank you for the fast response!
Thank You!
Hey Guys, works great, but this is my first Extreme Swtich and now i tryed to attach tagged Vlans to my lag Group.

Cant found the right Syntax. Should i add the tagged Vlan to the physical port or to the lag?


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All you do is add the to the vlan in question....

Example... Add port 3 to vlan test... "configure test add port 3 tagged"

Assume you created the vlan test with tag ... Ex... "create vlan bill tag 10"

Awesome responsetime, thank you for this!

now all works great!