lacp in x460-24t

hi ,
i am using X460-24t extreme switch.
here is my setup

mydevice with two links configured in lacp mode --- extreme switch port 3
extreme switch port4
I have set vlan 3001 on port 3 as tagged with ip . I run ping to it from my device with ip .
I want to set lacp on port 3(master) and 4.
so , I ran
# enable sharing 3 grouping 3,4 algorithm address-based lacp
Question 1) had I used #enable sharing 3 grouping 3,4 lacp , what would be the difference ?
Question 2) Any specific command to see port sharing status ?

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I let others answer (1), but as to (2): "show sharing"
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Q1: if you didn't use any address-based option (or) "address-based lacp" without specifying any algorithm like L3, L3_L4 and custom then default L2 algorithm will get set. So both CLI would result in no difference.

Q2: "show port sharing" command you can check the "Aggregator member" status
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You can use "show lacp lag detail" do look at the LACP status:
show lacp lag 3 detail[/code]Br,
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This article hopefully clarifies a lot:
got it .

Please correct me if I am wrong .
This is what I understand of LACP.
As told above
I think switch copies vlan setting of LACP master to other members of group.
Say my device has two ports named 3 and 4 connected to port 3 and 4 of extreme switch such that 3 is master and port 4 cable is unplugged.
Currently my device is pinging through 3.
Now I connect port 4 to 4 of device and then remove cable from port 3 .
The ping should not stop.
BTW is there any master slave concept like my device should be configured as LACP slave ?
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Hello Sumeet,

you are right that you configure the master port (VLAN, etc.) only, those settings are applied to all ports in the port sharing (rather to a logical port consisting of some physical ports).

If you disconnect and reconnect individual ports in a sharing, some packets may be lost, but a ping should resume.

Both LACP partner devices are configured the same, LACP does not use a master/slave configuration.

as soon as I enable sharing .
my ping stops .
I tried
#show vlan3001
Ports: 1. (Number of active ports=1) Tag: *3gb
Flags: (*) Active, (!) Disabled, (g) Load Sharing port
(b) Port blocked on the vlan, (m) Mac-Based port

Don't know what blocked indicates ?
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If it works w/o sharing, but stops with sharing enabled (on one side), the other side seems not to use LACP. The "blocked" indicates that the port sharing is not active.
turns you my device has static LAG support without lacp .
What change should I do in extreme switch setting for this ?
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You can just take out 'lacp' at the end of the sharing command.

# disable sharing 3
# enable sharing 3 grouping 3,4 algorithm address-based