lacp load balancing with mpls

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I've experience a problem where i have a topology networking in ring and all switch is set up mpls with lacp.
So the problem is the lacp doesn't work in mode load balance with mpls, other words, when i put 2 ports (port 1 and port 2)interface in mode sharing with load balance l3 or l3_l4, and through vpls on this sharing, it just sent traffic for only one port, in this case port 2, and the port 1 there isn't traffic, i see only when port 2 stay in mode down.
however i tried changed to load balance mode l2 and the same result.

So, anyone expirence for this problem?

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Hashing is done differently with MPLS. This is why load-balancing needs a specific attention. Starting with EXOS 15.4.1, Extreme has introduced LSP sharing for VPLS, and is supported on most MPLS-capable platforms. This gives a very good result when it comes to load-balance traffic in a LAG or through ECMP.

You should have a look at the Concepts Guide (User Guide) of this version (or later) to see how it works and on what platforms, to see if it fits your needs.
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For lsp sharing in vpls to work Please use latest patch. There was a bug when this feature was introduced
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good news but the same time i'm a little disappointed, but i will update these switch and as soonest i come back report the result.

tks for time.
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Hi Guys,

Are you using this firmware to distribute traffic over sharing with lsp dynamic or static?