lacp with dell fx2

when I'm trying to configure lacp with dell server fx2, the port was active but the network is unreachable. when I show the sharing mem agg was no set. anyone can share how to solve this ?

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how did you configure the switch side ?

enable sharing x grouping x-y protocol lacp ?

Hello Elvin,

What did you configured in server end?
If you have configured teaming then no need to configured LACP in switch. If you have configured LACP in server then LACP require in switch end.

Manas Ranjan
Yes, you will need to run LACP on the server side. LACP works by sharing LACP-PDU... if one side isn't talking LACP, your link won't be active, although it may show physical link.
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I have included an KB Article for your reference "How to configure sharing (LAG) with LACP on Extreme switches:-

Please click on the below-mentioned Article:-

To verify, if the LACP PDUs are received from the peer device, execute the following command "show lacp counters" on the Extreme switch and check if the counters in column "RxOk" are incrementing.

We could also apply the following ACL in the ingress direction on the corresponding port and check the output of "show access-list counter".

I have also included the KB Article for your reference which shows you a sample output of "show lacp counters" and the ACL Policy file.

Please click on the below-mentioned Article:-