LAG with 1G and 10G ports

  • 6 November 2015
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I'm running EAPS-ring with 2 x 1G LAG-ports and now I need to add 10G ports to EAPS. How does traffic behaves if LAG has 1G and 10G ports?
How about is it possible to change the LAG master-port?

I have X460 switches with XOS

3 replies

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A LAG cannot consist out of ports with different speeds. You cannot add a 10 Gig port to a 1 gig lag.
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Hello, Tuomas!

All ports in a LAG must be running at the same speed and duplex setting. Each port canbelong to only one LAG.

Thank you!
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to change your eaps link without downtime,
open the ring in the eaps on the link you ant to change (unplug or disable the port),
take care, the secondary port forward the traffic,
cange the configuration of the eaps and the vlan on both the device intrested by the link,
an plug again the new 10G link, and check the convergence of the eaps.

Easy and safe ;)