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License information


We need to stack a couple of switches in a Live running environment

Live switch details :

System Type: X450a-48t
# sh licenses
Enabled License Level:
Advanced Edge

Image : ExtremeXOS version v1263b2-patch1-7

But the ports on this switch are exhausted . So we are planning to stack another switch with this Live switch .

Details of new switch are
SysName: X450a-48t
# show licenses
Enabled License Level:
Image : ExtremeXOS version v1263b2-patch1-7

Since there is a license mis-match ; we will need to rectify this . Hence we have planned as follows :

1) To move from Core->Advanced Edge on new switch one day before the actual activity.

My question is :

1) I hope this movement from Core->Advanced Edge can be done on standalone switch
2) Once this is done ; we will simple do stacking on activity night .

Please suggest the complete process.

Gaurav Madan

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Your other option is to turn off master capability on the slot you are adding. The license will not matter if the switch is not master capable.

Are you planning to rewrite the config prior to stacking the switches so you can past it back in once the stack is built?
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The effective license level can easily be changed on a node before adding it to a stack. Make sure you use the below command before rebooting this node into the stack.
Stack# configure stacking node-address "00:04:96:XX:XX:XX" license-level
advanced-edge Advanced edge license
core Core license
edge Edge license[/code]Here are the steps: Just add the one above before you reboot the node.

Note: you can only go down on the effective license level 🙂
Thanks for the reply Stephen . Appreciate . So this is what we have planned :

SW01 (existing switch) is running on “Advanced Edge” License and SW03 (new switch) is loaded with “Core” License . To resolve this ; we will do following to tackle this :

1) Power down new switch and cable it up in the stack.

2) Power the new switch back up.

3) On the existing stack verify the new switch is being seen by the current stack (The command below will display the new switches MAC and show that stacking is disabled):

show stacking

4) On the existing stack, type the following commands:

a. configure stacking node-address slot

b. We will do :: configure stacking {node-address< > slot < > license-level

c. synchronize stacking node-address

d. enable stacking node-address

e. reboot node-address

Hence both SW01 and SW03 should be stacked and running the “Advance edge” license.

Please let me know if our process looks OK and we go ahead ?

Also ; if someone in the community can point me to a document that shows per-license features available on x450 .That would be helpful.