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License requirement for L3 tunneling XOS

Looking at GRE and layer 3 tunnels IPv4 over IPv4 for XOS. Are v4 over v4 tunnels supported on 460 and 670? Any license upgrades needed?
Thank you

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Both platforms support GRE tunnel.
Licence requirement is core & above will support tunneling.
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This is the document you are looking for: http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/FLR/EXOS_All/Feature_License_Requirements/feature-license-r...

But it's interesting to note GRE is not included in it. From the EXOS User Guide:

"GRE tunnels are IP tunnels which require L3 Function. L3 features are supported with EDGE
license and above. All of the supported platforms' default license is EDGE or above, which
include L3 features. In a stack all of the nodes must be GRE capable. For GRE in a stack, all
stack nodes must be GRE hardware capable."