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lindex - am I doing something wrong?

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Create Date: Feb 15 2012 7:32PM

No matter how I try - it doesn't work:

set var cli.out 0

show port 12 info detail

set var txtOutput $tcl(split ${cli.out} " ")

set var VlanLine $TCL(lindex $txtOutput 10)

create log entry $VlanLine

It keeps giving me errors about $VlanLine .... what's wrong here?


(from Eugen_NAIMAN)

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Create Date: Feb 16 2012 9:28AM


this will work for you -> create log entry "$(VlanLine)"

Jarek (from Jaroslaw_Kasjaniuk)
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Create Date: Feb 19 2012 1:57PM

Thanks jarek - that did work.

I guess I need to read a bit more about TCL.

(from Eugen_NAIMAN)