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Link aggregation (BD8810) will work with other vendor Netgear switch ?

Link aggregartion (BD8810) will work with other vendor Netgear switch ? I checked netgear it will support LAG I want the compatability whether both will work connect back to back through LAG ?

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EXOS support the general implemented LACP protocol.
When the other vendor support LACP, you should be able to form a LAG between these to devices.
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I have deployments using port sharing between Extreme BD switches and Cisco ASR, or Juniper M seriesor Ericsson SSR. As long as Netgear supports it, there should not be any issue.
We have deployments of LACP between Palo Alto & Juniper MX routers to Extreme BDX and BD8810. They work great as long as they support LACP.