Links using SFPs from RAD in rear ports of X440-G2 don't become active

Trying a SFP from RAD in a Extreme X440-G2-24t-GE4. using the SFPs in the back of the chassis. When connected the state on the switch is Enable Ready. When I put the SFPs in a 440-G2-24P the ports come active and I am able to communicate with them.

The difference is that the 24P I am using the front SFP and the 24T I am using the rear SFPs.

The SFP that I am using are RAD MiRICi-E1T1. It is essentially an Ethernet-to-E1/T1 bridge in an SFP form factor.

The SFP-side is a gigabit Ethernet interface that plugs into any MSA-compliant SFP slot and provides Ethernet connectivity to the switch.
The ‘outside’ port on the SFP is an RJ45 E1/T1 connection.

Are there any licensing requirements on port 25-28 of a 24t-GE4 switch that would be preventing the link from coming up?

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There's no licensing preventing that.
To be clear, the X440G2-24t-GE is model 16541, and the 24p is a X440G2-24p-10G (model 16533), correct?
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When you have rear SFP Ports, this is a 10GE4 Model with SFP+ Ports on the rear.
That means, you need to configure these ports to speed 1000 if you are using 1G modules. modules with less than 1G wouldn't work