Looking for 1/10G access switches with 1G uplinks

  • 11 April 2019
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Hello Extreme Community!

I'm new to the Extreme industry and I'm looking for a switch that provides 1/10G access with 1G uplinks ( we have a limitation in terms of our firewall models being used for the design- must be 1G)

I would love to hear the input on what reliable models are out there! It would be preferred to have the flexibility to configure ospf/bgp/eigrp in the future.


2 replies

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As this has been asked in the EXOS category, you can look at the X670-G2-48x which gives you 48 x 1/10G ports. Note it also has 4 x 40G ports that can be used to stacking up to 8 slots or for Inter-Switch Links

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Hi Rob,

For 1/10 Gig *access* you might also consider X620: https://cloud.kapostcontent.net/pub/0e430770-e7c1-4842-9385-363c6e19ce81/extremeswitching-x620-ds-1.pdf

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