Loop port shutdown

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Hi everyone,

I'm using x460 and x450, so, i have enabled the stp/rstp on the switch to guard against loop network and mainly access ports, where i need avoid the maximun security level about loop that can be happening in the customer network.

So, i have tried the feature stp, and work but i need is, when the port received some packet looped the port change to blocked mode, however when happens i need this port be disable and enable after x period, kind 10 minutes, then, is there any way to do this?


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Hello... The ultimate way to achieve this is to use ELRP and leave off STP, too messy and too much overhead. With ELRP you can see loops and either disable ports permanantly or for a specific time as you would like. Take a look in the xos concepts guide for examples of configuration. If you need more info please let me know. Bill
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Hi Bill,

Tks for your reply, i set this protocol at the specific port and work fine, however i would like to ask a question about this, where i saw at the concepts guide, it speaks about elsm wil be any thing like stp, but i don't understand better about it, so, the question is, is feature necessary to implement join elrp?