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Lost 10GB port on BD8810

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I have an 8 port 10GB module in my BD8810 and I seem to have lost a port. Port 1:2 is a master port of a LAG with port 1:8 to my data center. I have changed out SFP modules and the port will not become active and is constantly flapping filling up my logs. I have tried moving the connection to another port (1:1) just to see if it became active and it did so this points me to a port issue rather than a fiber or SFP issue.

I have tried restarting the port to see if that helps but it didn't. Is there anything I can do short of rebooting the switch (network core)? I can add another port to the LAG and use this port and not utilize port 1:2 but with it being the master port I don't want to do this. Can I add another port to the LAG and then change master?

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I am afraid that this is not possible.
All port configurations are bound to the master port. This really looks like a genuine HW issue so you may want to replace the IO module.
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Thanks for the reply. I had another 8 port 10GB module that I have been waiting to install into Slot 4 so my LAG is not on the same module. I installed it and it said I need to install firmware to bring it up to the same version of the other modules. If I install the firmware it will not affect the switch correct? I then just need to reboot slot 4 to bring it up on the new firmware right? I cannot take a chance with this switch going down. I can then create a new LAG so it is split between Slot 1 and 4 and move connections during a maintenance window.