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I'm running EXOS (I've also tried I would like to get fdb mac-tracking to work. If I add a mac address to keep track up the stats do increment when I plug it in and out of the switch, however it does log anything TestStack.10 # sh fdb mac-tracking configuration MAC-Tracking enabled ports: None SNMP trap notification : Enabled MAC address tracking table (1 entries): ec:f4:bb:0f:2f:d0 The documentation says that if you have a mac entry and a port setup for tracking then the stats won't increment which is what I see. I just don't see the log entry (or if I enable trap notification I don't see those either). Has anyone else seen this, or can tell me what I've done wrong? Thanks!

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I dont think mac tracking log is by default enabled.

Could you try below command...

configure log filter DefaultFilter add events FDB.MACTracking.? ------there must be multiple events
select the one which is required.

configure log filter DefaultFilter delete events FDB.MACTracking.--------you can delete
the log filter using this command.
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Thanks Parthiban, That's exactly what I needed. Works like a charm. Now just trying to get the snmp trap to work 🙂
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Its nice to hear a response back when it works.