Max MLAG Peers (X650/670) and max distance/latency for MLAG

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Create Date: Oct 11 2013 7:54PM


actually we're running some X650 & X670 (no problems with them in the past 12 months :)).

Because of an new project I'm in the need to create two MLAG peers on one switch. I tried this in my lab and got the following error:

X650-24x(SSns).1 # create mlag peer test2
Error: Number of MLAG peers exceeds maximum supported limit 1

I tried to enable the trial license, but I'm getting still the same message 😞. Are there any documentation regarding "how much MLAG peers are supported?"?

And another question: what is the max supported latency BETWEEN two links for MLAG?


Best, JÜrgen

(from Jürgen_Jaritsch)

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Create Date: Oct 13 2013 10:20AM

I''ve found one answer (max MLAG peers) in EXOS Concept Guide for 15.3:

Only a single MLAG peer switch is allowed.

Site 289.

The big question is: why? 😞 (from Jürgen_Jaritsch)