mdns traffic with XOS and netlogin for wired clients.

Hello, I have currently setting up mdns to work on our network. I currently have full netlogin enabled on the wired side. I have one policy domain for the wireless and wired. My issue is i have everything setup on the mdns side to contain to a specific mdns only vlan. However i also have wired clients that i would like to see the mdns requests. The wireless and wired vlans are separate. My core is a K-series and everything else is on the X-460-G2 platform. When i try to configure this for the wired side the same as the wireless side. there is no "contain to vlan" for a rule on the "X450G2/460g2/670g2/770/870" specific rule type is there some sort of acl that i can setup that will forward all the mdns traffic on the wired vlan to the mdns vlan also?

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I can setup a avahi-bridge inside vlan 300 and the seprate wired vlan's for each building but i would have to have multiple avahi-bridge's for multiple buildings. since my MDNS vlan doesnt have any egress to any other switches or core to keep a small broadcast domain for mdns contained to each switch stack or building.
I want to also add that the mdns vlan is bridge at ap and my main vns egress is bridge at ewc. the mdns vlan is added as tagged for the ap's though netlogin.

Anyone? Not possible on XOS?
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Just setup avahi reflector on a linux vm. Created a interface for each user wired vlans. Set specific privileged wireless clients to contain all mdns traffic one vlan. Created interface with no ip on mdns vlan. Setup avahi daemon in reflector mode. A little noisy on the wired vlans but allowing specific access through policy manager ultimately solves my issue. I would love be able to contain all mdns wired traffic like the Enterasys gear. I guess not possible atm. I guess engineering might add this eventually