Meaning of "Show ipArp" output.

Much appreciate if somebody would please explain the meaning (function) of the following: Locktime
Retransmit Time
Reachable Time

Are these parameters configurable?

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Hi Seamus,
These are configurable, and somewhat defined by the help text in EXOS:
# configure iparp
add add
delete delete
fast-convergence Faster IP ARP recovery
locktime Time before a new entry can replace an old entry
max_entries max. number of IP arp entries
max_pending_entries max. number of IP arp request pending entries
max_proxy_entries max. number of IP arp proxy entries
reachable-time IP ARP reachable time
retransmit-time IP ARP retransmit time
timeout IP arp timeout value
vr virtual router[/code]I'm not entirely sure what is meant by "reachable-time." However, I'm guessing that retransmit-time is how long the switch waits before re-sending another ARP if no response is received.
I'll provide feedback to our documentation team that details of configuring these values needs to be added to the EXOS Command Reference Guide.