Memory leak by process CFGMGR after save configuration

We have such problem. Always after saving configuration, we have found the memory leak, about 2MB from process CFGMGR. Because of this we forced to reboot the switch after some times.
System Type: X650-24x(SSns)
Secondary ver:
Image Selected: secondary

show configuration "cfgmgr" detail


# Module cfgmgr configuration.


disable cli-config-logging

configure cli max-sessions 8

configure cli max-failed-logins 3

disable cli scripting permanent

configure idletimeout 20

enable idletimeout

What can be done in this situation?

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Hi Kirill,
EXOS 12.x was decommissioned long ago.
The best way to proceed would be to upgrade to the latest recommended release first:

Hardware/Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices

End of Sale and End of Support

Thanks Konstantin.