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Missing "enable stacking"

  • 7 January 2014
  • 6 replies

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Create Date: Nov 22 2012 2:27PM


I have two X650 switches and I want to build a stack. So I connect the two nodes by the stacking cables and try to run the easy setup. But the command "enable stacking" isn't available.


Does anyone have an idea?

Falk (from Falk_Fischer)

6 replies

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Create Date: Nov 26 2012 9:28PM

not sure if you need a Core license to stack them up. I would check that first (from Arpit_Bhatt)
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Create Date: Nov 28 2012 6:55PM

Stacking does not require a core license. You may wish to check your bootloaders on each stack member and also try running the built-in diagnostics (run diagnostics extended) to see if everything is as it should be. I'm not sure of anything else that could interfere with the availability of the command. (from Ansley_Barnes)
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Create Date: Dec 4 2012 11:45PM

Check to see if enhanced stacking is enabled on both switches. The 650 comes standard with standard stacking.

p (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Dec 17 2012 9:47AM


sorry about the delay.
I did run "run diagnostic extented", but there are no errors.
I can't run a command to show me the stacking-protcol, because the "sh stacking" commands are missing too. :-(

thank you.

best regards
Falk (from Falk_Fischer)
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Create Date: Dec 18 2012 11:46PM

Can you do a show tech capture the output and upload the file?

p (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Jan 7 2013 11:30AM

Hi Falk,

Have you run the command

Configure stacking easy-setup

first? Enable Stacking and show stacking, if I remember correctly will only 'show up' as commands after you've run the above command first and then rebooted when prompted. (from Shaun_Kent)