Mixed stack X690/X590

  • 23 October 2018
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I am working on a design to replace a BD 8806. Looking at what I need and have access too, (2) 690s and (1) 590 seemed like a good option. I ran that through the stacking tool and it still looked good.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do the numbers seem right?

I cannot do (3) 690s because some of the copper ports are 100m.

I cannot do (3) 590s because I need 52 SFP+ ports.

Do all slots still affect the tables, or is it now just master capable slots?

2 replies

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Thanks for the reply Stephen. You should take a guess at who I want to propose this for. Maybe email me your guess
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All slots will still affect the table limit of the stack, but the x690 and x590 are very similar HW so there table sizes are the same. I think two x690s with a x590 is a good choice.