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  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Sep 26 2012 6:43PM

okay i have 2x x670 connected to 3 esx hosts.

ports 1 to 3 on the x670's correspond to esx01 esx02 and esx03

and the esx hosts have dual port nics. port1 goes to x670 1 port 2 to x670 2

esx ports are mlaged

esx01 will only work if set to route by source mac and esx03 will only work set to route by ip hash.

not sure what is going on here.

only difference is esx01 is dl380 g6 and esx02 and esx03 are dl380 g5.

i didn't test esx02 behaviour as i ran out of time, I may via VPN in a minute.

NICs are identical HP NC552SFP

(from conrad_jones)

2 replies

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Create Date: Sep 26 2012 7:49PM

The plot thickens.....

ESX02 works with either IP Hash or Source MAC. but drops occasional pings with IP Hash but works perfectly with Source MAC.

hmmmmmmm. maybe the cables are mixed up / not labelled correctly / not plugged in where i think. (from conrad_jones)
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Create Date: Sep 26 2012 8:19PM

okay so the moral of the story is always suspect the physical layer first!

as makes sense esx01 and esx02 have mixed up cabling. (from conrad_jones)