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MLAG with 4 Switches

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Create Date: May 31 2012 5:09AM


We have 4 x450 switches and we are trying to use MLAG. Stacking is not an option because we had many problems previously with stacking therefore we want to use MLAG in our topology.


Is it possible to implement MLAG in the topology above. Can MLAG initiate from two boxes and terminate at two boxes? or is it not possible.

And is it possible to configure port channel having one 10G link and two 1G link?



(from Sabih_Rehman)

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Create Date: May 31 2012 6:22AM

This will not work because their is no option to setup the LAG. Each ISC switch needs to have a two port peers, in your design you only have one. The following design is a multiteir option. Notice each switch still has the load share setup for two local ports. In your design, stacking over an alternate stack port is possible.


(from john_padilla)