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MLT on Exos to work with Avaya MLT/SMLT

Hello All,

How do I setup LACP/LAG on EXOS G450G2 to work with SMLT on Avaya VSP/Switches?

I know LACP, but I thought that MLT/SMLT is a specific type of LACP. I have two VSPs with SMLT to an EXOS X450G2 switch, how do I create an MLT on the EXOS switch with two ports?

is it simply:

enable sharing 1:47 grouping 1:47-1:48 ???

What should the algorithm and distribution-mode be?


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you are correct. If LACP is not needed, your command is good. If you need LACP, just add that keyword at the end. That way, it will default to L2 address for hashing. You can specific any other method (L3, L3_L4). It doesn't really matter for SMLT by itself, but to have a better traffic load-balancing from that switch, pick what you need.
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Yes, you are correct. As far as the EXOS switch is concerned, it is simply LAG/LACP

You can check out the article for information on algorithms and their working.
Thank you for the replies.

Ok, I will try it then. I would hope that in the future there would be an article, to give what is Extreme's recommendation on the best way to setup sharing on the EXOS when connected to MLT/SMLT switches. It sounds like LACT parameter is not needed, and any specific method (L2, L3... etc) should work anyways.

Thank you,