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Modifying backup configuration

  • 7 January 2014
  • 3 replies

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Create Date: Apr 29 2013 9:31PM

Everyone. I am new to the whole extreme switch thing and switches in generally. What is the easiest way to modify a backup configuration. We have approximately 25 Extreme Switches that are running very similar configurations. I will like to modify the configuration withe the correct values and import it into another switch. Any ideas?

Michael (from Michael_Kellogg)

3 replies

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Create Date: May 1 2013 12:28AM

Are you using Extreme's NMS Ridgeline? You can write scripts there and apply the configuration changes everywhere. If not, your best bet is writing a script in a linux box or something like that. (from ethernet)
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Create Date: May 1 2013 10:47AM

ridgeline. you can download this from the extreme portal. 10-base license is free :-)
otherwise export bck config by tftp and modify with your favorite txt editor. (from LNU)
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Create Date: May 6 2013 1:31PM

Ridgeline 4.0 as mentioned in earlier posts is available at xkit.extremenetworks.com Also, you could download the config and modify with notepad or notepad++ and once you tftp the config as an .xsf file back to the switch you could use load script command to call that filename. Below is an example after you put an Ipaddress on the mgmt interface. if you use any other vlan specify the VR in your tftp command.

config mgmt ipa x.x.x.x/x
tftp get x.x.x.x remotefilename "localfilename.xsf"
load script "localfilename.xsf"

(from Greg_McKillip)